SPOTi is a personal tracker which will help you store your travel details like start – end points and the total distance travelled as well as the time taken.

This is designed as an application which can be installed on your mobile phone where in, when you start the trip you need to start the app and when you complete the trip you need to stop the app.

System will give you the distance travelled through the route you followed.

You can provide the purpose and the client details for future references. You need not remember the location, time, date etc.

You also have a web-based interface to track your travel and related information.



  • This will help you track your travel where you are undertaking a lot of travel and you get reimbursement from your organization
  • This can be linked with our applications so that you can connect this with the activity associated with the travel.
  • You can see the time taken to understand the speeds maintained etc.


  • You can see the actual distance travelled and can compare it with the distance given by the executive
  • You can track the time spend by the executive on each travel and the breaks in between
  • Can see multiple executives from a central point
  • Can link with other applications like Live Collect Dimensions so that you can see the activity and the travel coincide.
  • Can estimate the travel bills based on the distance.
  • No need of internet all the time.

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