Dimensions Group

Dimensions Group – a prominent Indian software company which entered the software industry in the year 2000, is a corporate identity of a group of companies that have attempted to solve the classical puzzle of size and agility. It’s a group of companies where each company retains an extreme vertical focus to service the client with dedicated expertise, while as a group it imbibes service and quality standardisation, global reach and financial strength required to service large customers.

With a Global footprint, Dimensions solutions address your business needs by applying experience and expertise to the latest technology. Realising that just the software expertise is not good enough for producing quality software solutions, we have built a team of domain experts with industry background, software process specialists, experienced project managers and the best of the software talent.


Dimensions’ forever attempt is to empower the clients with innovative and quality technology.


Dimensions is committed to quality software, continuous improvements and value addition to the products and services helping customers in keeping up with latest developments in technology, achieving and carrying down customer satisfaction into the future.

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