Digital Authentication System

In the digital era of data storage we Dimensions have introduced data capture with authentication whereby we need no depend on the data entered for crucial data like Name, Address etc. We will be capturing those data through authentication like PAN, Driving License kind of sources through API. This will give you advantage in confirming the KYC of the client without other verification. There are various methods involved for you to decide how the data is captured.

Further we are getting into various methods to evaluate the customer’s credit worthiness like Bank Statements Analysis, Balance Sheet Analysis, GST Data Analysis etc.

We will be doing compliance with Credit Rating Agencies and GST flings preparation through the software. This will help you to reduce your time, accuracy and authentication of data.

The above are offered through different modules and levels so you have the freedom to choose.

These are the complete digital way of capturing data and not the conventional data entry from paper/documents etc. Since they are system verified, user level manipulation may not be possible.

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