Money Transfer Dimensions

Software Solution for Global Money Transfer Business

 Online Transaction

  • Money Transfer Dimensions has Money Transfer website which enables worldwide customers to Transfer Money to their destination country.

Counter Transaction

  • Counter Transaction is the process where the customer remits money at Agent Counter from where his money will be sent to his destination country at specified pay out agent.

Integrated Transaction

  • Money Transfer Dimensions has facility to integrate with other Money Transfer Companies using an integrated system to Transfer their funds via our system to destination country.

 OFAC/HM Treasury Checking

  • Money Transfer Dimensions has an integrated system to prevent Terrorist Funding/money laundering by checking the Sender and Beneficiary with help of OFAC/HM Treasury.

Multi Currency / Multi Country

  • Money Transfer Dimensions has facility to deal with Multi Currency to Multi Country for an Agent.

 Bank Integration

  • Money Transfer Dimensions has integrated system to integrate with banks using a file upload system with a specified format (EXCEL, ISO format). Also we have reverse integration system to integrate with banks to send money via other Banks.

 Agent Management Module

  • Money Transfer Dimensions has Agent Management Module which enhances us to deal with Agent Creation, Agent pre-funding, Commission setting, Agent PIN Prefix settings etc.

 Sub Agent Handling

  • Sub Agent Management Module deal with Sub Agent Level Transactions which could be tracked by corresponding reports provided.

 MIS & Dashboard

  • Money Transfer Dimensions provide MIS & Dashboard facility to trace the Transactions, Deal Balance and Transaction Status etc as per the user requirements.

Customized User Management

  • Money Transfer Dimensions has Customized Management System to meet the customer requirements which Dimensions are dedicated to do and deliver with the committed time.

Cash-Bank Transactions

  • Cash: Cash Transfer’s are controlled by an API to transfer fund to its destination via routing channel. (Provisioned for Al Ansari, Al-Rajib bank, HomeSend (Master Card)) and for more than 40 agents.
  • Auto / Manual loading of cash to CARD facility also available. So that beneficiaries either can collect as cash from branch counter, or use the card (debit card) at ATM or online shopping , or ever using debit cards

 Bank Transactions

  • Bank: Money Transfer Dimensions has an interface to remit the senders fund to his beneficiaries account via routing channel. This is provisioned with the tie up with banks at the payout country, using the respective banks API

Payout Module

  • Money Transfer Dimensions provide payout module with Super payout, MIS Reports & Dashboard facility. (Provisioned for Al Ansari, Al-Rajih bank, HomeSend (Master Card)) and for more than 40 agents.

Payout Module – With Reverse Integration – to Agent

  •  Money Transfer Dimensions provide payout module with reverse integration facilities. Purely based on Agent customization. One typical example, Royal Money shall pull agent transaction when beneficiary arrives at payout location or any suitable method. XOOM (A Paypal Service) also belongs to this category.



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