CEO’s Message

We are a company in service space since 2000 where in we are giving services in different domains and we have gained domain expertise working with companies managing the best practices, customized for the company’s practical operations and to suite to the practices of the company.

All our products are offered as service so we are becoming the technology partner and are more responsible than a software developer. We are with the company all throughout. This gives peace of mind to the company top brass. As a responsible company we are accountable and responsive to the situation.

We have a dedicated team who has been in the respective domains for years together. We have a diverse product range comprises of International Money Transfer to Video based advertisement platform. We have been working on Construction and Financial Domain since 2005.

We are on SaaS (Software as a Service) and PaaS (Platform as s Service) space. We have both domestic and International clients where we are managing one branch of a NBFC company to 4000 breached options of a money transfer company both at the same ease and commitment.

If you are looking for a responsible company who will support you all the time, look for our brand.

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